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Monday, December 8, 2014

All out

When I attend events, I make sure that I look presentable. That's why I always wear the pieces that I know will define my style. This is what I wore for the Dockers Event. I love to wear basics. No print, no design, no anything. Just the fit and the details. I wanted to look sleek with my leather biker jacket. 
What I like about leather jackets is that it changes the whole look, from simple to elegant. Depends how you wear it. For me, Leather talks. When it's heavy and the details are perfect, you should but it! My dream Biker Jacket is from Saint Laurent, Why? It has the perfect details of a classic Biker jacket.
You can wear this outfit anywhere, because it can be casual & formal. But always remember, comfort must come first, if it's way too hot, take it off! 

In this photo, I like how I did my hair. Want to know the products I use for my hair to keep it shiny and healthy even if I use Wax?

If you have questions or if you need styling tips, Tweet me or take a photo of your outfit and lets see if it works! @mikylequizon

(Outfit Details: Long Sleeve shirt, Topman. Jeans, Burton Menswear. Boots, ZARA. Watch, Nixon.)

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Also, for those who attended BU8 but didn't get to buy from my booth, Don't worry because I will make an Instagram account selling my pre-loved clothes! :) 

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The all new #StyleDivisionDaily!
Style Division Daily, focuses on the things I wear everyday.
I will be giving you my thoughts about my chosen product if you should buy it or not! More like a product review. Still, the last decision is with you if you want it or not.

For today, I will be featuring my Black Nixon 51-30 Chrono.
This is my very first Nixon Watch and ever since, I always choose Nixon. Why? Maybe because it is flexible? What I mean with flexible is that when I feel like I want to dress formally or casually, I can. Quality wise? It is amazing. Scratch proof, shock proof, also, the strap is made out of silicon rubber. :) I call this my trophy because it gives me the confidence that I need whenever I attend events, it's like my date. For a first Nixon Watch, This is not bad. I don't regret spending a dime to have this. :) For me, Nixon is the brand that I will always trust! I recommend Nixon to all my readers. They also have other models that will surely fit your lifestyle. I personally think that Nixon Watches are perfect for Christmas Gifts! #SDChristmasGiftIdeas
Visit the Nixon Boutique Shop at Glorietta 4!

My watches are my babies. :)

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